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Experience Of 12+ Years

About Us

About Kingzonelubricant

Welcome to Kingzone Lubricants, your ultimate destination for top-quality automotive oils and lubricants. We take pride in being the driving force behind your vehicle’s efficiency and longevity. Our mission is simple: to provide you with the finest lubricants that optimize your vehicle’s performance, ensuring that you’re ready for every journey, from the daily commute to epic road trips.

Quality Assurance

We source and manufacture our lubricants with meticulous attention to quality.

Customer Satisfaction

Our satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We are dedicated to not only meeting

Why Choose us

Why Choose Kingzonelubricant

When it comes to selecting the right lubricants for your vehicle, the choice you make can significantly impact its performance, longevity, and overall efficiency. At Kingzone Lubricants, we understand the importance of this decision, and we’re here to show you why choosing us is the smart choice for all your vehicle’s oil needs.

Quality You Can Trust

At Kingzone Lubricants, quality is at the core of everything..

Performance Enhancement

We recognize that your vehicle is more than just a machine..

Range of Lubricants

We offer a wide range of lubricants , That You Want...

Global Reach

While our journey was started at the local level.

Mission - vision

Our Commitment

Our Mission

Our mission extends beyond performance and quality. We are committed to environmental responsibility, producing lubricants that minimize ecological impact while ensuring workplace safety and ethical practices. We aim to contribute to a sustainable future, both for our customers and the planet.

Our Vision

Our Vision Encompasses strong partnerships and a sense of community. We aim to build enduring relationships with our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders. Together, we will create a shared vision of progress, responsibility, and success. We envision a world where industry and ecology coexist harmoniously.




Established Mr Viralben Bhaveshbhai Sheladiya founded KINGZONE LUBRICANT AND AUTOMOTIVE.


Kingzone Lubricant started to supply their engine oils in Gujarat.


ISO Certified Company
achieved ISO-9001:2015 Certificate.


Kingzone Manufacturing unit Fully automatic plant was established along with company’s own products.


Added Innovation Kingzone Lubricants Company paved way into Manufacturing Bulk Engine Oil.


In this year Kingzone company started job work according to customer requirement.


Expansion Nationwide Product of Kingzone Lubricants became well-known in 15+ States of India.


Worldwide Impact KINGZONE Company Started to export products in 10+ Countries.


 With quality & Satisfaction, Kingzone reached 500+ distributors and 2,00,000+ customers worldwide.

Key Points

Top Highlights

Smart Technology

In an era of technological advancement, the oil lubricant industry is witnessing a transformation like never before.

On-Time Delivery

On-time delivery means less downtime for your machinery or vehicles. It ensures that your operations continue to run smoothly and efficiently.

Easy & Affordable

Easy-to-use lubricants reduce the time and effort required for application. This translates to quicker maintenance and more efficient operations.

Professional Team

Our team comprises engineers, chemists, and industry specialists who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our oil lubricants.
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